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Ready to Build? Let's Get Started!

Castle Rock Homes Getting Started

Embarking on a custom build is an exciting journey, but it's also one that involves a great deal of planning and consideration. Unlike purchasing a pre-made structure, a custom build allows for personalized design and functionality, but also requires a more hands-on approach. Before diving into this endeavor, it's crucial to review our recommended checklist to ensure you're prepared for getting started and aware of the typical timeline for the phases of construction.

  1. Put together your wish list for your home.

  2. Determine what your budget is and what you are comfortable spending.

  3. If you will need funding, speak with a lender so you understand what you qualify for and how a construction loan works.

  4. Find your lot. Having your property's information is very important when designing the house. We need to know the dimensions of the lot, slope, washes, etc. This will also tell us what the city or county jurisdiction is.

  5. Start designing your plans. We begin with a floor plan and elevation page. This will help us determine an approximate cost. This is a good check and balance to make sure we are within budget. 

  6. Once you've finalized the floor plan and elevation we can move into a full set of plans.

  7. When plans are complete, we begin the permit process.

  8. Once permits are approved, we can begin building.


Typical Timeline

Plans/Design 2-4 months

Permitting 10-12 weeks

Build 10-12 months

If you are ready to start the process of building your custom home please call our office at

(623) 935-5004 to setup a consultation or fill out our contact form Click Here

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