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Castle Rock Home Difference

The secret to our energy efficient builds, lies in our preferred construction method - Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). This innovative building material not only enables us to construct homes that are highly energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but also ensures quieter living conditions due to its excellent sound insulation properties. ICF built homes offer solid and lasting security, demanding less repair and maintenance over time, leading to significant cost savings for homeowners. The superior air quality in our homes promotes healthier living conditions, making our homes not just a place to live, but a sanctuary for you and your family. 

We use the ICF for your exterior walls.

ICF Construction provides:

  • Lower energy costs due to the energy efficiency built in. (Energy Star Certified)

  • Sound-blocking ability with a STC rating of 51+ - creating a quiet space.

  • Low maintenance due to mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistance.

  • Increased security due to steel reinforced concrete walls.

  • Disaster resistance with a fire rating up to 4-hours and wind resistance exceeding F5 hurricanes and tornadoes.

  • Cost savings with lower insurance premiums.

  • Increased comfort and health benefits of improved air quality with 75% less outside air infiltration.

Castle Rock Homes Difference ICF Home
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