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Castle Rock Home Difference

When you build with Castle Rock Homes you will enjoy the benefits of an ICF home



The high thermal mass and minimal air infiltration of insulating concrete form walls create a more uniform and stable temperature throughout your home. You won’t find hot spots or cold drafts.


Building with ICF uses far less wood, saving timber. ICF homes are a preferred environmental choice because of significant savings in natural resources (fuel) needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Our building materials are recycled. Our preferred supplier of ICF is Fox Blocks whose polypropylene plastic web, bracket, and insert components are produced in the Airlite Plastics plant with regrind obtained from recycled waste material. Airlite Plastics ensures no waste from manufacturing process goes unused, with zero landfill contribution, and no outside transportation costs to source Fox Blocks plastics. Fox Blocks contain 100% recycled high-density polypropylene webs as the structural skeleton of the form.


Castle Rock Homes can build your home with greater soundproofing than normal frame walls for a more peaceful home environment. Using ICF provides a sound rating of 51. ICF is not only ideal for exterior walls but also for interior walls bordering master bedroom, theater rooms, workshops, garages and the like. Expect 3 times quieter protection from outside noise.


The thick walls of an ICF home are solid and make it safer for the family with increased security from the added benefit of being bulletproof. They are 10 times stronger than standard built homes. ICF Homes are concrete investments with a proven track record of withstanding the extremes of hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. They have a 4-hour fire rating compared to 20 minutes for wood construction. Many insurance carriers are now offering a discount on a home owner’s policy for an ICF home, up to 10% lower insurance premiums.


ICF homes do not deteriorate, which equals less repair and maintenance. The concrete walls are reinforced with rebar, creating unparalleled strength and durability.


When Castle Rock Homes builds with ICF, it means your home will be better protected against outdoor pollutants, bugs, and termites. Breathe easier with Castle Rock Homes. Enjoy cleaner air with 75% less outside air infiltration.

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Why we choose to build with Insulated Concrete Forms?

Insulating Concrete Forms are the future of the building industry. They are increasing in demand every year for their benefits and security. As home builders, we only want to offer the best to our clients. 

  • Up to 70% Energy Costs and 10% Lower Insurance Premiums


  • Bullet Proof


  • Increased Security


  • 75% less outside air infiltration


  • Up to R-40 Wall Insulation Value


  • 10 Times Stronger Than Wood


  • 3 Times Quieter Than Wood


  • 4-hour Fire Rating

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