Castle Rock Homes is Your Green Builder

Castle Rock Homes specializes in energy-efficient homes, basements and add-ons, but the range of projects has grown to include large commercial projects as well. Take a look at the Project Gallery to see the variety of projects we have been involved in.

We are committed to providing only the highest quality structures, while pursuing earth-friendly avenues to do so. This led us to the Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) industry. We are excited to be part of a cutting-edge technology that offers a higher standard than traditional wood or steel framing. ICFs provide two built-in layers of foam insulation, providing energy efficiency, greater soundproofing, and much higher day-to-day comfort. ICFs also are termite proof and have a three hour fire rating. The solid construction also prevents air leakage for better indoor air quality and even temperatures — all of this saving you thousands of dollars every year!

In today's world, the importance of greener practices is being realized. Rebate programs, tax credits and deductions now exist to challenge builders and consumers alike to take that step toward becoming environmentally responsible. Building with ICFs qualifies you for rebate programs as well as an Energy Efficient Mortgage. With their tremendous environmental and personal benefits, ICFs are truly the best choice when it comes to any building project, whether residential or commercial. However, Castle Rock Homes will work with you to build any project with the products you desire.

Call us today! We would love to help make your building dream a reality. Feel free to call or email with any questions about Castle Rock Homes and/or Insulating Concrete Forms. We look forward to working with you soon!


  • Energy & Efficiency

    Lower energy bills are desirable to anyone! Castle Rock Homes can build you a home that uses energy more efficiently for a more comfortable living space that will also save you money.

  • Quieter Living

    Castle Rock Homes can build your home with greater soundproofing than normal frame walls for a more peaceful home environment. Using ICFs provide a sound rating of 51!

  • Healthier Air

    When Castle Rock Homes builds with ICFs, it means your home will be better protected against outdoor pollutants and even bugs and termites. Breathe easier with Castle Rock Homes.